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Indianapolis Trailer Door Repair and Service

Box trucks, trailers, and other specialty doors require experienced and professional service to keep them in top working condition. They’re complex systems of cables, anchor brackets, rollers, springs and other parts that make up a door system.

Overhead doors on trucks as well as buildings are heavy and move with the help of springs that operate under extremely high tension. Therefore it’s important to have the right spring, specifically designed for your specialty door. Improper springs or improper installation can not only damage your operator, but be dangerous for the driver/loader.

Trailer Doors Require Special Parts and Regular Maintenance

When problems arise such as the bottom of a door is up on one side, or the door closes part way then reverses, if the door scraps, squeaks, or simply quits working altogether, it’s time to have it checked out by a professional.

MIDWEST GARAGE DOOR SYSTEMS provides repair and replacement of these doors in our shop – or we can come to your location.

We can also help with regular maintenance. It’s important to remember that frequency of door maintenance varies with weather and the type of cleaning materials used (i.e. steam cleaning will require more frequent lubrication). You save money in the long run and prolong the life of your overhead truck and specialty doors by keeping springs lubricated properly.

Whether you need a new door, a repair, or service – you can count on MIDWEST GARAGE DOOR SYSTEMS.