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Insulated Garage Doors

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Insulate Garage Doors for Indianapolis Homes

Garage doors protect cars and belongings from the elements, but what about extreme temperatures? Whether you only experience your garage when leaving and entering your home or work in the garage for extended period of times, insulated garage doors can add value to your home.

Door Options

Midwest Garage Doors offers a variety of door options, including an insulated garage door to fit every preference. These doors not only keep the interior of a garage comfortable, they’re more environmentally friendly. Our staff can help you find insulated garage doors with an R value that provides maximum benefits while also staying within your budget.

Energy Savings

Insulated garage doors can also help save money on your electric bill. By insulating garage door interiors against the elements, manufacturers create an additional layer of protection against weather. This impact is felt each time you open the door leading from the garage to the interior of your home, since a non-insulated door will allow outside air into the garage and into the house.

Garage Workshops

Perhaps the biggest fans of insulated garage doors are those who spend significant time in the garage on a regular basis. If you use your garage as a workshop, you’ll find that choosing an insulated option makes a big difference. Many manufacturers insulate garage door interiors with the intention of providing additional livable space inside a home for occupants to work and play.

Even if you don’t use your garage as a workshop, you may find yourself spending extra time out there to work on projects. Insulated garage doors will keep you comfortable when you’re in your garage to rearrange your storage or search for a lost item.

If you’re looking for new garage doors, let Midwest Garage Door explain how insulated garage doors can improve the value and quality of life in your home. You’d be surprised how affordable garage doors with insulation are and how dramatic a difference they make in the comfort of the interior of your garage – and on your energy savings.