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Residential Garage Door Service in Indianapolis

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Indianapolis Residential Garage Door Repair Service

midwest-garage-truck-cropWhether it’s your garage door at your home, or the commercial doors at your business, when problems arise, you need service you can depend on right away.

A garage door is a mechanical item with various parts that can malfunction over years of use, requiring a repair or replacement.  A door issue often means traffic flow is jammed.

Personal and commercial business goes in and out through those doors and when a lock malfunctions or an opener burns out, things literally come to a stop.

At those times, your service provider becomes a priority – and it’s important to have someone reliable and fast who can get you back on track.

MIDWEST GARAGE DOOR SYSTEMS will service new and existing installations to keep your home and business traffic running smoothly. Whether you need repairs, maintenance or upgrades, you can rely on them for comprehensive service and prompt response time.


MIDWEST GARAGE DOOR SYSTEMS offers a comprehensive menu of service for all your garage and commercial doors. Their service professionals can diagnose and solve your problems.

Service for electrical, mechanical, hydraulic and welding issues for your commercial and residential doors

Rapid response time – usually within one business day for most cases

On-call emergency service when necessary, to respond around-the-clock for your emergency situation

Factory-trained technicians who are certified, insured and bonded

One-year warranty on parts and labor



garage door service, maintenanceKeeping mechanical parts oiled and sensors clean can extend the life of the parts and help prevent a homeowner from being stranded or a business from having traffic grind to a halt. Keeping your equipment in carefully maintained condition will save you time, trouble and money in the long term. MIDWEST GARAGE DOOR SYSTEMS can assess your and recommend the appropriate maintenance plan to help keep your doors in top working condition.

Maintenance service agreements can help in several areas:

  • Troubleshooting – spot potential issues, and help keep small problems from becoming big ones
  • Better performance – increase increased your efficiency and energy savings with regular cleanings and tune-ups
  • Less downtime – prevent interruptions to your work flow that will slow down your production flow and affect your bottom line
  • Discounts – when repairs or replacements are necessary, get a discount on the parts and services you need
  • Satisfaction – there’s a great deal to be said for having a good relationship with a reliable company; it’s good to know there are people who know you and your product


At least once a year, you should have a skilled garage door service professional check each garage door’s springs and safety features. The technician will also lubricate the tracks and moving parts to keep them in good working condition.

If a garage door begins sticking or slows down as it opens and closes before its annual check, contact a service professional as soon as possible to prevent the problem from escalating.


Whether you’re moving into a new building, updating your facility or building out some additional space, you’ll need to make sure your doors are the right choice for your needs.

You can call MIDWEST GARAGE DOOR SYSTEMS to help you choose from the wide selection of residential and commercial products – as well as proper service plans to keep everything in working order.

  • Resident/commercial garage doors
  • High speed doors
  • Cooler/freezer doors’
  • Roll up doors
  • High impact doors
  • Overhead doors
  • Dock doors

We can install, service, and maintain them all!