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What to Know Before Buying a Garage Door Opener

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Garage Door OpenerDoing your homework can save you time and money


A garage door opener is not something you buy often – but when you do, there’s more to consider than moving your garage door up and down.

For example, depending on your garage door type, keypads may be installed just outside the door to allow opening without a remote – which might be convenient for school children coming home in the afternoon.

If you mostly enter inside your vehicle, sensor operated openers use a remote control.

Other garage door openers have a rollover sensor that allows the doors to open every time a car approaches your garage.

Consider the features you want and the budget you have to get the best fit

    • Openers equipped with a light that stays on for several seconds before and after the garage door is opened.
    • Openers featuring remote lockout features which you can use to lock your garage door when you’re going away on vacation.
    • Openers with the extra security measure of a solenoid operated deadbolt.
    • Openers equipped with monoxide fume build-up sensors, which will open the garage door automatically if gas buildup is detected.

Consider various system options

garage door systemDepending on noise factors and space issues, different garage door opening systems offer different benefits.

Chain drive – most common and least expensive option. Is a sturdy system that employs a metal chain to lift the door.

Belt drive – as strong as a chain drive and growing in popularity due to its quiet operation.

Screw drive – employs a threaded steel rod to do the heavy lifting. Has the fewest moving parts so tends to requires the least maintenance.

Computer-controlled drive – a newer option that doesn’t require chains, belts or rods. Is also room saving because it’s installed directly over the door rather than in the middle of the garage.