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Traditional Styled Doors


Traditional Garage Doors for Your Indianapolis Home

MIDWEST GARAGE DOOR SYSTEMS offers residential garage doors in sizes and styles to meet every taste. These doors are provided in standard raised panel style, which can be offered in a variety of styles, from rows of rectangles to rows of squares. Most of the homes in American neighborhoods feature the raised panel style, offered in both steel and fiberglass.


With steel garage doors, homeowners get a durability not seen with fiberglass doors. Steel doors are the most common style of garage doors, with manufacturers usually providing them pre-painted with a long-lasting polyester paint. MIDWEST GARAGE DOOR SYSTEMS can also more easily provide steel doors in custom sizes to fit door openings that might not be standard.


Fiberglass garage doors are actually steel beneath a layer of fiberglass coating. While fiberglass might sound more fragile than steel, the fiberglass coating actually lengthens the life of steel doors, providing a protective layer. Some MIDWEST GARAGE DOOR SYSTEMS customers choose a fiberglass coating with a wood finish, which gives doors the look of wooden garage doors, while still having the durability of steel doors.

The fiberglass also acts as an insulator, keeping noise at bay while helping protect the interior of the garage from the elements. This provides a cost savings to homeowners while providing an eye-pleasing look that customers love.

In addition to garage door materials, MIDWEST GARAGE DOOR SYSTEMS also helps customers determine the level of insulation they’ll need. Insulation provides protection against the elements, which can keep garage areas warmer in the cold winter months and cooler in the hot summer months. This is especially important for those who spend large amounts of time in the garage, such as those who work on cars or use the garage as a work area.

While aesthetics are important to a customer’s choice in garage door, it’s important for a garage door to also provide protection against noise and extreme temperatures. This will ensure both comfort and visual appeal for homeowners.