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Sectional Garage Doors


Sectional garage doors are the most common type of garage door, providing homeowners with comfort and convenience, as well as great security. Sectional doors work well with all home types, including modern, traditional, and even period-style homes.

Design of Sectional Garage Doors

Most residential sectional garage doors come with three, four, or five sections. These sections are stacked vertically, being held together with hinges along the length of the sections. Hinges allow the sections to pivot as the garage door opens. The resulting garage door seals tightly against the opening.

A Practical and Versatile Garage Door

Many distinct details distinguish sectional garage doors from other types of garage doors:

  • Wider Passage– Sectional garage doors for homes free up more width in your garage, allowing you to more easily drive into your garage and park. This is especially convenient if you have a larger-sized car, van, or off-road vehicle. This extra space is also great if you don’t have a lot of room in your driveway.
  • Saves Space – The majority of standard sectional garage doors allow you to maximize the drive-through height and width, affording you the convenience of being able to utilize as much space as possible in your garage. And since there isn’t any “swing-out” you’re able to park your vehicle right up to the door.
  • Easier Parking – Since sectional garage doors open vertically and are suspended under the ceiling to sustain additional space, they allow for more room both inside and in the front of the garage, making it more convenient for both parking and maneuvering your vehicle.
  • Style Options – Residential sectional garage doors are available in many different styles. From traditional to modern, you’ll find plenty of finishes, colors, and designs. With such great diversity, you won’t have a problem finding a door that looks great with your home and simultaneously meets your style preferences.

Sectional garage doors offer versatility, durability, security and easy operation. Contact Midwest Garage Doors today to discuss the many different design and size options available, and to determine which one is best for your home.