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Should I Repair or Replace My Commercial Garage Door?

If well maintained, your commercial garage door could last 30 years or more — especially if it’s constructed of quality industrial materials. However, no matter how well you keep up with maintenance checks, you will eventually face the need to have it repaired or replaced.

Here are some considerations when figuring out whether it’s time to take either route — repair or replace.

Insulation issues

If your utility bills are significantly higher than they should be, you may have insulation issues related to your garage door. Addressing any leaks through repairs or a replacement can lead to lower heating and cooling costs that will pay off in the long run.

Repair: Consider repairing your garage door if it’s only a matter of eliminating drafts with garage door seals. A garage door repair service can assess your garage door to determine if simple repairs of garage door seals will suffice.
Replace: It may be time to invest in a replacement, especially you have several garage doors or a warehouse with a large garage door. Many updated garage doors are insulated, which can provide a powerful barrier against the outdoor elements. A garage door replacement should lead to lower utility costs.

Safety concerns

Garage doors that appear dented or misaligned, whether as a result of mishaps with machinery, equipment, and vehicles, they could pose a serious safety hazard – one that could cause violation of OSHA standards. Any time your garage door is visibly damaged, you should immediately stop using it and call a garage door specialist to inspect it.

Repair: More than likely, a garage door that has experienced minimal damage can be repaired. A qualified garage door specialist will inspect the door, tracking and other components of the garage door system to determine the extent of the damage.
Replace: If you have an aging door system that has experienced repeated damage, it’s possible that a garage door replacement will be the best solution to avoid the possibility of serious safety risks in the workplace. A new quality commercial garage door also features sensors and other safety features that are designed to minimize accidents.


One of the pressing concerns for most organizations is security – protecting the business against losses as a result of theft. This is especially true for companies that have warehouses that contain goods, equipment, and supplies. If an industrial garage door is part of your operations, it’s critical to ensure that your garage door system is not easily susceptible to break-ins.

Repair: Your garage door system, especially if it was installed in the past 5 to 10 years, should be equipped with security features, such as sensors and alarms. However, if you have not invested in garage door systems with these features, add them as part of a simple upgrade. On the other hand, if you have a system with malfunctioning photo-eye sensors, have them replaced.
Replace: If your garage door system is aging and can be compromised with a crowbar or other tools, you need to set up a security strategy that includes a new garage door with innovative security features like alarms and sensors. Consider adding security cameras and lighting around the property as well. Talk to a garage door specialist about the best options.

Faulty operations: If an inspection (or your own observations) reveals broken springs, malfunctioning tracks or remote controls – or an overall sticky operation, it’s important to get the garage door system checked for repairs or replacement.

Repair: In most cases, glitches in an otherwise smooth operation can be repaired. A garage door specialist will check all elements of your garage door — including the track, hardware, springs, motor and other components — to make the appropriate repairs.
Replace: If the cost of replacing and repairing parts is extensive, it could be time for you to have your garage door system replaced to ensure a safe and secure operation.

At Midwest Garage Doors, we can give you a professional assessment of your garage door. Talk to us today. We can help determine whether repairs or a replacement is the ideal solution for your operations.




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