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How to Keep Your Commercial Garage Door Areas Energy Efficient Year-Round

Next to the costs of labor, your company’s operating expenses likely represent one of the biggest bites out of your overall budget. When you factor in utility fees, it’s also one of the areas where you can realize significant cost-savings with the right measures — especially if warehouses and industrial garages are part of the mix.

These large, potentially drafty facilities can easily drain energy, especially if they feature industrial garage doors that are operated frequently during work hours. To maximize energy-efficiency year-round, consider the following measures:

Address structural gaps

If you have an older garage door system, it’s possible that you’re dealing with an immense energy drain that can be traced to gaps caused by dents, rust or other defects that are compromising the structure. Schedule an inspection with a professional garage door service vendor – not just for the energy savings that you can gain but also for the potential safety hazards that could be addressed.

Invest in insulated doors

If you’re considering a commercial garage upgrade, this is the place to start. When researching garage door providers, seek out one with experience in the commercial garage door industry — and is able to provide you with numerous door options that are specifically designed to insulate against harsh temperatures. For example, polyurethane-foam-injected steel doors can lead to significant cost-savings and energy-efficiency for facilities that are exposed to cold and hot temperatures. While these doors may cost more upfront, the savings can be quickly realized in utility costs.

Check weatherstripping

Compromised weatherstripping, whether it’s cracked or loose, also can be another source of air loss. Have these areas checked to determine whether they need to be replaced.

Durable operation

The lifespan of your industrial garage door system often is linked to the number of times you open and close the door. To maximize energy efficiency, you may want to avoid keeping it open for extended periods. Ensure that your garage door system is operating safely and effectively by scheduling regular maintenance to prolong the life of the structure, as well as to give you the confidence to open it and close it frequently.

Skip the windows

While windows can enhance the aesthetics of your garage door, they may counteract your efforts to gain cost-savings on utility bills – especially if you’re in an area that gets direct sunlight. You may find your air conditioning bill rising with the added exposure to natural light.

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