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Side-Mount Openers

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Side-Mount Garage Door Openers

Standard chain-driven, ceiling-mounted garage doors openers are the norm, and work wonderfully in most typical applications.  Except, sometimes your needs aren’t typical.

Side-mounted garage door openers are the answer when your garage specifications aren’t “standard.”

  • Are you retrofitting a garage door opener on an old, stand-alone garage that has unusually low ceilings?
  • Are you putting in a garage door in a newer, attached garage with an open ceiling?
  • Is your garage directly below the master bedroom, and you want a quieter functioning garage door opener?

In all these scenarios, side-mount garage door openers may be the answer for you.

Garage doors beyond the traditional

Like the name says, side-mount garage door openers mount on the side of the garage door, directly alongside the opening of the door.

The opener contains the motor that drives the door along its rails, and has several advantages, including:

  • Easier connection to your utilities – Because the motor is on the side instead of the ceiling, the power cord reaches easily to most wall outlets in your garage. No more having outlets installed in your ceiling.
  • Accommodating of low ceilings – Many garages were built before automatic garage door openers were even invented. Retrofits often won’t fit the specifications either of garage door manufacturers or local code officials.
  • Works around high ceilings – High ceilings, like open cathedral ceilings in a garage, have the inverse problem. Many ceiling- mounted kits simply don’t have the parts to mount to a ceiling that is so far away from the door opening. Side-mounted garage door openers solve the problem of rattling and noise that comes when homeowners try to force a ceiling-mount into this kind of space.
  • Enclosed gears are quieter, smoother running – The enclosed motor and drive shafts that come in a side-mount garage door opener naturally run more quietly than ceiling mounts. Since the gears are not as exposed to the elements, the system stays better lubricated, too.

Midwest Garage Doors offers a wide variety of side-mounted options, at all price points.  Contact one of our installation experts today for a free estimate.