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Garage Door Maintenance

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Garage Door Repair

What a Regular Maintenance Program Can Do for Your Garage Door Opener

Your garage door opener is one of the hardest working and most overlooked appliances in your house. Often you have no idea anything is amiss until you find yourself locked inside or stranded in the driveway due to a broken garage door opener.

In general, we recommend you get a regular maintenance plan so we can proactively inspect your garage door and keep it in peak operating condition. When you work with Midwest Garage, our maintenance staff can help you keep your hardworking garage door opener in its prime, even if it is relatively old.

Here are some of the things you should expect from a maintenance service call:

  • Inspecting all parts – We’ll look at all your mounting brackets, cables, fasteners, tracks and supports, looking for loose, bent or worn parts. We will tighten, adjust or replace the parts, depending on their level of wear and performance.
  • Ensuring the cords are in good condition – The cord that reaches from your garage ceiling to your opener is often the culprit in many garage door repairs. We’ll ensure any cords are not frayed or in the wrong kind of outlet.
  • Testing battery life – We measure the output of your remote control batteries, replacing them if needed.
  • Checking the alignment of your safety sensors – All new units come with a feature that will automatically send the door back up if there is an obstruction between the door and the floor. Sometimes, high winds or movement can trick a sensor into thinking there is an obstruction, when there is not. Other times, the failure to align is enough to keep the whole system from working. We will check to see if there are any impending problems with your system, and make adjustments or repairs that need doing.
  • Lubricating the chain, screw and rollers – This part is critical, and should be done at least once a year. We generally use spray lithium lubricant, and apply it to every moving part in the garage door opener. This helps ensure the mechanisms have the lubricant to get through the drying and freezing that comes with another year of sweltering summers and frigid winters.
  • Testing your manual release operation – We look over your manual release mechanism, to make sure it can open smoothly in an emergency, without too much strain and effort.

Do you need maintenance done on your garage door opener?  Contact us today to schedule an appointment.