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Backup Batteries for Garage Door Openers

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When Your Door Won’t Open, We Have Your Backup

There’s nothing worse than a garage door that won’t open.  You’re outside your garage and you’re wondering: what is the source of the door failure?

  • Is it a power outage?
  • Is it a battery that has been drained and needs to be replaced?

Regardless, you’re facing being locked out of your house without getting out of the car and wrestling with the door’s emergency access system.

Fortunately, not every door failure necessitates a full garage door repair call. With a little preparation, you may never have to deal with a door battery or power failure again.

We sell a variety of garage door battery back ups, designed to meet the specs of most major doors on the market.  They fall into two main varieties:

Replacement batteries – when the battery in your garage door opener fails, a simple replacement battery will renew the life of your door for years.

Rechargable batteries– these batteries can be charged again and again, and generally will last for the duration of your garage door system’s life.

Backup batteries have another use, as well, and that is providing a secondary source of power when you experience a power outage.  In ordinary circumstances, when a power outage occurs, you have to exit your car, and use the manual pull cord to open the door. Backup batteries can change that scenario, providing power that kicks on when your primary power source is out.

Backup batteries can be set up outside your door and wired into your garage door system.  When you approach the door, you can use your garage door opener as usual.  Their operation is so seamless, you’ll never notice the power outage.

For more information, check out our full selection of battery backups on in our online store.