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Indianapolis Commercial Entry Doors

Businesses in Central Indiana face a variety of issues when choosing a commercial entry door.

Whether a business wants a new or replacement door, MIDWEST GARAGE DOOR SYSTEMS ensures each door in its inventory meets all related codes and laws.

Your Resource for Secure, Compliant Entry Doors

At MIDWEST GARAGE DOOR SYSTEMS, the goal is not just to help businesses comply with regulations, however. The company, which specializes in residential and commercial garage and entry doors, knows that for businesses, the safety and mobility of customers is top priority. For that reason, MIDWEST works with each customer to ensure that doors not only meet regulations, but also meet the needs of that business’s unique group of customers.

Top-Notch Security

When a business owner is away, it’s important that the business’s doors are protecting its interior contents. After hours, flimsy, non-secure doors can leave a business vulnerable to intruders seeking access to the inventory, equipment, and electronics inside.

commercial door securityBut after-hours security isn’t the only issue of importance to business owners. Some businesses choose to keep those entry doors locked during operating hours in order to safeguard workers. Even the best security system on the market today won’t help if a business’s door allows easy tampering.

A security door is typically made of steel rather than wood. With a variety of decorative options and finishes available, businesses no longer have to sacrifice attractiveness for safety. Business owners should also be sure to choose a door that is fire rated and insulated to both meet regulations and keep employees secure and comfortable.

When choosing a door, MIDWEST GARAGE DOOR SYSTEMS also works with customers to select locks and handles that provide security. The door’s locks must be able to withstand tampering attempts, preferably in the form of a deadbolt.

ADA Compliance

In choosing an entry door, MIDWEST GARAGE DOOR SYSTEMS has found many businesses are concerned with accessibility. Handles must be at a level that can be reached by someone in a wheelchair and must be easy to maneuver by someone with limited use of their hands or arms.

ADA compliance Impact bar The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) makes stipulations on doorway maneuvering clearances, with door openings required to be at least 36 inches wide. If a door remains locked to outside visitors during business hours, there must be a doorbell or buzzer at wheelchair length to allow visitors to buzz to be allowed in.

In the event of a fire, panic hardware must also be included to allow for easy exit by occupants. This panic hardware must be accessible to those with disabilities, as well as being fail-proof at all times.

MIDWEST GARAGE DOOR SYSTEMS realizes that for many businesses, compliance is important. But equally important is accessibility to visitors and the safety and security of workers inside. By working with MIDWEST, businesses can ensure they have the doors and hardware they need while saving money and maintaining the aesthetics of their business’s exterior. Choosing a new or replacement entry door can be complicated, with so many options available, but MIDWEST GARAGE DOOR SYSTEMS can help find the right door for any business.