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Common Maintenance Challenges For Industrial Garage Doors

Commercial garage doors are specifically designed to withstand abuse, featuring robust industrial construction that takes on heavy traffic, encounters with machinery and frequent operation. However, even top-of-the-line commercial garage doors require regular maintenance to function properly.

Keeping your garage door system running smoothly not only is essential to maintaining ongoing operations at your warehouse or facility, it’s critical for the overall safety of employees and visitors to your property. While it’s advisable to schedule regular professional preventative maintenance checks, you also should be aware of the common maintenance challenges that come with industrial garage doors. They include the following:

Door Track system: Grease and oil can accumulate on the surface of the track, causing it to lose its ability to function smoothly.

Garage door surface: Dents are inevitable with most workplaces, because of heavy traffic. Have your garage door structure regularly checked to determine if the system has been compromised.

Cables: With years of wear, any cables that are part of your garage system construction can become frayed and compromised. These will need to be checked to determine if they are in good operating order.

Hardware:  Bolts, fasteners, brackets, plugs, springs, and hinges should all be checked to ensure that they’re adequately tight. They also should be checked for signs of rust. As part of regular maintenance, springs and hinges should be properly oiled.

Sensors: Most recent industrial garage doors are equipped with sensors to detect movement and to enhance safety. These need to be checked to make sure they’re operating properly.

Seals: With damaged or worn seals, air can escape through your garage door – leading to higher utility costs. Worse, the security of your facility could be at risk – to rodents, burglars or other unwanted guests.

Opener: Smooth operation also depends on your opener, which also should be periodically tested.

Balance: Another area that should be inspected is the balance of your garage door. If for some reason, the garage door appears unbalanced, contact a garage door repair specialist immediately and avoid operating it until it is inspected.

With garage doors featuring many complexities, it’s important to contact certified and licensed technicians who are trained in commercial garage door repair and installation. Contact us at Midwest Garage Doors for a consultation or repair schedule.


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