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Industrial Garage Doors

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Indianapolis Industrial Garage Doors

Industrial garage doors deal with a great deal of use throughout the workweek. Unlike residential doors, which open and close only a few times a day at most, industrial doors are opened and closed repeatedly over the course of a day. For that reason, it’s important your doors are designed specifically to handle industrial activity.

Midwest Garage Door Systems carries some of the top names in industrial-strength garage doors. Whether you’re outfitting your warehouse, dock, or shipping facility with top-quality doors, we can find the right door for your needs.

We not only customize doors to meet your durability requirements, we’ll also help you find industrial garage doors that are compatible with your building’s appearance.

Repair and Accessories

We realize the purchase of an industrial garage door is only the beginning. We have the accessories and parts necessary to keep your garage door functional for many years. Our repair specialists work quickly and efficiently to make any adjustments you need as soon as you request them.

Industrial Garage Door Openers

Once you’ve chosen a garage door, we’ll recommend an industrial garage door opener that is compatible with your chosen door type. Today’s advanced door openers can bring a new type of convenience to your warehouses and docks, allowing you to spend more time working and less time managing truck arrivals and departures throughout the day.

Weather Protection

If your industrial garage doors will be installed in an area like a loading dock, it’s important to provide insulation that will keep employees safely warm when temperatures are bitter outside. We can recommend doors that keep the elements out to help you better control the temperature in your docks and warehouses.

Workers will be more comfortable and productive, and products better protected from moisture and humidity with properly insulated doors. In addition to being a barrier against the elements, an insulated door can also keep sound contained, which is important if your warehouse or dock is surrounded by homes or other businesses.

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