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Architectural Hardware

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MIDWEST GARAGE DOOR SYSTEMS also provides a variety of architectural hardware for commercial entry doors such as openers, closers, locksets, dead bolts, hinges and more.


Commercial door opening needs reach across many industries, each with its own type of requirements, from keyed deadbolts to wireless access control systems.

High traffic venues in healthcare, retail or hospitality each differing needs that may be addressed by different systems features, such as manufacturing facility entrances that may need to withstand extreme weather conditions.


It’s essential for security and fire doors to have a reliable automatic closing hardware. Depending on your needs, this may include surface mounted and concealed closers, door stays, floor and screen door closers, and electromechanical operators


Exit devices are as varied as the commercial doors they serve from one-touch push bar panic to one-hand operated emergency exits. MIDWEST GARAGE DOOR SYSTEMS supplies a wide variety of mechanical, electronic, concealed and surface devices that are designed and manufactured to meet egress codes.

For more information about how we can help with your commercial entry door architectural hardware, contact us today.